CTRMA will Deal with the Transit Problem of Williamson County

Williamson County is a part of the Austin area in the state of Texas. The are has been growing rapidly in terms of population over the course of the last few years. The rapid growth in population comes with evident and expected problems – there is a definite need for a larger infrastructure because the demand for safe and fast transit is steadily growing.

In order to find solutions to the transportation issue of Williamson County, the Thursday’s Williamson County Growth Summit was dedicated entirely to the task at hand. Many experts were present at the Williamson County Growth Summit.

One of the attendees was the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority – Mr Mike Heilingenstein. Present were also Mr Jared Ficklin as well as a few other professionals.

Mr Jared Ficklin is a renowned road designer, and he is a valuable member of the company Argo Desing. Mr Jared Ficklin talked about the necessity of providing newer and better ways for Williamson Country.

He came up with the suggestion to build an aerial gondola highway system. He argued that that would be a fabulous addition to the infrastructure and that it would also get rid of the transit problem in the area.

According to Mobility Authority, Mike Heilingenstein of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, in turn, stated that there is no time for such extensive and massive projects. Williamson County is in need of a quick fix. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: http://ibtta.org/sites/default/files/documents/Heiligenstein_Mike_formatted%20with%20Picture_2014.pdf

Mr Mike Heilingenstein mused about the help that ridesharing apps have been, but at that point, it was no longer enough. He reminded the experts that ere present that Williamson County already has a very modern road system and that instead of building an entirely new one, it would be far better to expand upon the existing one.


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority with Mr Mike Heilingenstein would take on the project. In the past, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority had been successful in every project. The organisation came to be in 2002.

Mr Mike Heilingenstein joined the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority the very start of it. The agency is not a part of the government, but it does hold the responsibility of maintaining and taking care of the transit systems in the central part of Texas.

One of the most famous road network projects of The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority was had Mr Mike Heilingenstein as a leading executive and director.

It was the 183A highway in Williamson County. The highways was among the first roads that made a leap to a cashless toll system and collection through an electronic way. The projct was very high regarded. Many more successful projects came in the future and the transit system of Williomson County will alsobe added to the list.

Celebrities Attend the L.A. Kabbalah Centre and Release Stress

The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles streams online around the globe while also holding classes, seminars, and conferences at the same location. It is the largest Kabbalah Centre and was founded by Rav and Karen Berg in the 1980s. The Bergs brought the first Kabbalah Centre to America in the 1960s to NYC after they had been studying under Rav Ashtag in Israel, the original Centre. Karen Berg and her children are leaders and instructors of Kabbalah in the U.S.

Almost a century has passed since the first Kabbalah Centre was established, and now in 2017, there are Centres in over 40 cities. These Centres all are focused on the L.A. Centre for announcements, events and more. Kabbalah is the study of the universe and how man is involved. Students study the principles of Kabbalah and then apply them to their lives. Kabbalahists believe that everyone has joy deep inside, and it is the goal to bring it out.

The Kabbalah Centres are open to everyone who is interested in learning more about Kabbalah. It is not a religion, and students may study in classes or online. There are meditations and other activities that members participate in as well as dinners, and volunteer events.

In the L.A. Centre, there are many celebrities who are members, and they agree that when they regularly attended the Centre, the chaos in their lives is reduced. Brittany Spears, Madonna, and Paris Hilton are regular members, and in the past, Elizabeth Taylor and Sammy Davis Jr. both attended the Centre and studied Kabbalah.

Part of studying the ancient wisdom is acquiring a spirit of giving, and Karen Berg has established volunteering events for students to participate in. Typically, volunteering takes place in the community surrounding the Centre. Madonna has opened three Kabbalah Centres in the U.S. during the 10 years she has been a member.

What CEO Anthony Petrello Says Nabors Is Doing After Reporting A Net Income Loss For 2016

Nabors Industries, one of the world’s largest offshore rigs and drilling solutions providers reported a $1 billion loss in net income the end of 2016. The company saw an improvement in net income from 2016 third quarter end to the end of the fourth quarter.

CEO Anthony Petrello noted Nabors reported operating revenue decreased by $1.7 billion when comparing 2015 and 2016. He admitted that last year was very challenging for the company and the rig count in the United States dropped by 81 percent, from 2014 to 2016. Although, there were challenges, Nabors continued to focus on upgrading their fleet of rigs and drilling solutions by implementing their new operating system.

Anthony Petrello said they had the financial resources to continue funding the enhancement of rigs fleet with the company’s positive and available cash flow. Nabors recently announced the beginning of February 2017 the company engaged a nonbinding memorandum agreement to unite with Weatherford International plc. Both companies agree to integrate their oil and gas solutions and services to further expand their existence in the United States. Mr. Petrello is the driving force behind Nabors becoming the top American offshore rigs and solution provider.

Under the leadership of Anthony Petrello, since 1991, Nabors Industries has received enormous growth in the U.S. and multiple global markets. He was named President and COO (Chief Operating Officer) of the company, and elected to the Board of Directors. In 2012, Nabors unanimously voted him to sit as Chairman of Board and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board. The Yale University and Harvard Law School graduate earned his bachelor’s and Juris Doctor. Prior to Nabors, Mr. Petrello worked for Baker & McKenzie Law Firm, Hilcorp Energy, and Steward & Stevenson LLC.

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