Madison Street Capital

The financial world is highly competitive and is littered with companies doing very impressive work. Picking the best out of a sea of hundreds of competitors is no easy task. Yet that is the task that M&A Advisor sets for its self every year when they decide who is worthy of receiving one of their Advisor Awards. In 2017 there was a flood of companies to chose from. With 650 options it was not easy to find the best. Their practice at this task served them well because when they saw the work that Madison Street Capital did with Advising on the transaction for WLR they knew they had their winner. In honor of their award winners and the other finalist, they hosted a gala to announce the winner on November 13, 2017. This was not the only award committee that Madison Street Capital caught the eyes of, however. they were also a finalist for Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the year.

When companies find themselves in financial difficulty or in a time of transition it is difficult to know for sure what the best move is. Madison Street Capital understands this and has helped companies with a variety of different issues giving them the experience necessary to know that action cannot be rushed. Deciding on the best course of action for a company requires intimate knowledge of the situation and ultimately should be data-driven. Madison Street Capital centers their approach to getting to know the client and their unique goals along with challenges. This personal knowledge lets them better understand the direction the company ultimately strides for so that they may cater their Advise to meeting that goal. They believe that with the right help we can build communities with full of thriving businesses.

Since their beginning in 2005 they have offered a boutique-like experience on an international level. While their base is in Chicago, IL they have many offices scattered across other continents such as Asia or Africa. They have quickly grown into a leadership role in the financial world. The area that they hold the most clout with is primarily in fields such as offering their financial opinion in general or on mergers and acquisitions. Madison Street Capital also participates in supporting charities such as United Way. This support they believe is key to building healthy communities, a goal that they say cannot be underestimated. This attitude is what has build Madison Street Capital reputation.


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Picking Up Every Notice And Sound

Part of the work behind detecting criminal activity deals with monitoring. Monitoring is a process undertaken by security professionals. Though its process may seem simple, it can actually be very complicated. The complications come from the activity of criminals and how they are evolving.


The evolution of the world is always a bright prospect and what we all aspire to. That same aspiration is taken advantage of like other advances in business and industry are. The industry we focus on when dealing with criminal activity is the technology sector. Securus Technologies is a leader we recognize in the work of security.


The Sensitivity Of Modern Technology


Sensitivity is the primary approach taken by Securus Technologies. The agency helps private facilitates to monitor criminal activity and by using sensitive modules that pick up a variety of data. The wireless components of modern-day technology are also taken into account and leveraged to repel criminal activity.


This results in a process that detects if a private signal is being infiltrated. The technology of Securus has become so sensitive that it can also pick up voices at a distance and dictate who the voice is. This allows private facilities to dictate who a voice is and where they are likely coming from.


More Information Than You Can Handle


The more information that Securus can obtain, the more of an advantage they have while creating new technologies to combat criminal minds with. The work has thus far been very effective and gives Securus Technologies the most standing U.S. contracts that reach well over 2,500 individual facilities across the United States.


The process begins with the right information and for the Securus agency. The firm works to provide these private facilities in the United States with a vast number of security technologies. The devices used are set up at specific facilities or in range of these facilities and to peak monitoring capacity.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Mans Banco Bradesco

President of the second largest bank in Brazil (assets and equity wise), Luiz Trabuco Cappi has come a long way. The 2015 winner of the yearly Entrepreneur award in the Finance category holds a degree in Socio-psychology (Sociology and politics) from Fundação in Sao Paulo. He was also listed by Forbes among Brazil’s crème de la crème Chief executive officers of 2016. Apart from that, Luiz Carlos Trabuco also got listed among top 100 influential Brazilians in the country. He is the current acting chairman and chief executive officer for Banco Bradesco.


Starting out as a 17 year-old clerk of Banco Bradesco, Mr. Trabuco rose to become a marketing director. As marketing manager, he helped modernize the bank’s communication system and cultivated a close working relationship with the country’s media. He would hold this position for another 8 years before heading to Bradesco Vida e Previdência as Chief executive officer in 1992. Bradesco Vida e Previdência dealt in private pension and is a private bank. He would retain the position for 6 years before joining Banco Bradesco in 1998 as a Vice President.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi then joined a conglomerate having eight companies, Bradesco Seguros, and it is during this time that Bradesco Seguros got listed in the NYSE. Mr. Trabuco also helped double the bank’s size while increasing its share to 25% of the banking industry in Brazil. This growth further increased its insurance arm, making it Latin Americas largest insurance company, taking over 35% of the insurance market. In 2009, Mr. Trabuco became Banco Bradesco 4th President. As president, he led the bank to its largest acquisition in its history. This was after Banco Bradesco acquired HSBC. The acquisition won him the Entrepreneur of the year award. He is also Banco Bradesco 3rd president of the Board of directors, after joining the board in October this year.


Chairmanship of Banco Bradesco

One of banking industry’s oldest chairmen, Lazaro Brandao stepped down at 91. Mr. Brandao had served as Banco Bradesco chairman for over twenty -five years. Mr. Trabuco has replaced him as chairman and will hold both positions of chairman and CEO until March when a new Chief executive officer will be selected. The outgoing chairman still continues with various roles he held in one of the bank’s companies. Mr. Brandao also stated that his decision to resign was personal so as to ensure the bank’s continuity. The outgoing chairman’s tradition is set to be maintained, this means the next Chief executive officer will be from the bank’s internal employees and will be picked from seven of its highest ranking executives.

Banco Bradesco shares rallied to 39% after slumping to 36.63% following the announcement of the long-serving chairman’s exit. The acting chairman still has time to choose a successor following a change of the bank’s bylaws to increase age limits to 67 for the Chief executive officers.

Possible candidates for the post include:

Head of Banco Bradesco Information Technology department, Mr. Mauricio Machado de Minas joined Banco Bradesco in 2009.

Having worked for Banco Bradesco since 1976, Mr. Alexandre da Silva Gluher currently heads the bank’s Risk office.

Also in the race is Mr. Domingos Figueiredo Abreu. Mr. Abreu has worked with the bank since 1981 and currently leads the bank’s treasury and also Lending departments.

Josué Augusto Pancini is in charge of Banco Bradesco networks and income departments and has been with the bank since 1975. Other possible candidates include the banks head of corporate banking department. Banco Bradesco head of insurance also is among the 7 high ranking executives. The last one on the list is the Human Resource head.

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Doe Deere Creates Makeup That Inspires Others to be Different

Doe Deere is an ambitious soul. From a very early age, she knew that she wanted to pursue her dreams, make bold statements, and inspire others to follow their dreams. That’s exactly what she’s doing. Deere is the current founder and CEO of Lime Crime. She created a company for those who were born to stand out. Deere looked out at all the makeup brands that were available and realized there wasn’t much variety. Deere is someone who treats makeup is an art form and she recognized that there are others out there who feel the same. Thus, Lime Crime was born and it’s seen tremendous success since.


Deere has been destined to run a business ever since she was 13. The Queen of Unicorns grew up in Russia. She started a small business there where she sold temporary tattoos to her classmates and friends. She was the first to discover their popularity and then sold them to whoever was interested. It’s much like she’s done in the makeup world. She was one of the first people to discover that there was truly a need for bold statement colors. Now, people associate these bright colors with Deere. When they want bright pinks, purples, blues, greens, and more they head over to her makeup line where they can find lipsticks, eyeshadows, and more all in those signature head-turning colors.


Deere is a woman of many talents. Before finding her calling with makeup, Deere was a musician which is actually how she wound up meeting her husband. Music also helped Deere realize what it takes to be successful in the business world. She learned all about promotions, marketing, and how to appreciate those who support your endeavors. Learn more:


Now that Deere has truly found her calling and passion in life, she’s helping others discover theirs. She likes to give advice and insight into the business world wherever she can. Deere wants everyone to know that if they have a dream they should follow their heart and do whatever they can to make it happen. Deere is a firm believer that everyone has something that makes them special and therefore it’s important to find what that is and help it to grow.


Overall, Deere is a fashion icon because she’s truly teaching girls and boys it’s okay to be different. She’s helping to create all these products which allow others to express themselves no matter their race, gender, or sexuality.

Philanthropy: When Dick Devos Is Not Sailing The Waters

Dick DeVos is a major business mogul who’s known for his developments in the multi-level marketing industry. He used this success as a platform to later enter the world of philanthropy. His multi-level marketing industry works on direct sales from people to people and without the intervention of ads or retail stores.


These aspects rarely cross the mind of Dick DeVos while sailing however. The three passions of Dick’s life are now family, sailing and philanthropy.


The same work ethic and approach that made Dick DeVos popular is the same mentality that Dick DeVos brings to his passion sailing and with charity. Sailing is a process that can be done by a single person, but it’s often most effective with a team who collectively work for and understand a common goal.


These concepts are expanded once we take into consideration the passion Dick DeVos has as a competitor. His competitive spirit is seen in the business he operated, the philanthropy he lives and the water he sets sail on.


Sometimes, Being Active Is The Best Thing You Can Do


Competition isn’t the only outlet Dick DeVos enjoys while sailing the waters. His mind is constantly operating in the world of philanthropy. This professional doesn’t wake everyday with a need to work. The free time in Dick Devos’ hands is utilized by a process that exercises his mentality as much as running a business does.


Dick’s father was among one of the founders of the Amway corporation and how Richard got his professional start. Dick DeVos became president of the same business started by his father. Still, Dick DeVos brought vast developments and progress to a brand that was only just forming its market in the United States.


As president, Dick DeVos expanded the multi-level marketing process and enabled more nations to accept the Amway process within their own countries. Resigning from his position enabled him more time to sail and donate worldwide.


How Dick Embraces The Competitive Spirit


Dick DeVos didn’t accomplish these things solely because his father gave him access to a business. Dick DeVos also developed himself within the Amway infrastructure. This Amway system consists of being part of the company’s workforce by selling products and then gaining recognition for your sales.


Dick DeVos was also effective at building a team in the Amway Corporation. This is a process where individual sales representatives mentor and register other sales individuals for the benefit of the Amway organization. Taking these steps and succeeding is what enabled Dick DeVos to have access to more.


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Instituting a Diverse Correctional Facilities Technological Landscape

Securus is among the top-rated United States companies that provide government management solutions, parolee tracking and detainee communication and serves over 26000 correctional facilities in over forty-five states. As a leader in the United States prison technology, the company provides technical, innovative and comprehensive solutions to different correctional institutions.


The firm has also come up with a contraband control system that has received positive feedback from more than five correctional facilities. The company has also partnered with Harris cooperation, a wireless containment solution company to ensure that contraband cell phones don’t connect to the mobile network.


The technology has played a huge role in transforming the way correctional facilities operate. For instance, one of the facilities that utilized the LBS software achieved success in recovering millions of illegal assets which includes cash and drugs. According to the facility, without the software in place, it would be nearly impossible to recover the items. The facility also acknowledges that the LBS system merger in partnership with investigators will make the system a leader in jail phone communication service.


Additionally, through the investigative tools, it’s possible for the staff to open up investigations into a potential security threat or harassment within the facility. Most correctional facilities find themselves facing huge problems when it comes to combating alcohol and drug-related abuse as well as access to a cellular device but with the implementation of Securus technology it’s easier to monitor conversations, and with such information, jails can stop contraband from getting into the facilities.


Most facilities have for a long time relied on technology to improve the efficiency of jail operations. That said, Securus always strive to offer technological solutions that have revolutionized the prison environment, and this has, in turn, improved the public safety. The reporting data in most facilities has also enhanced the firm’s proactive measures in fighting contraband in most jails.


Michigan’s Dick DeVos Philanthropist

Dick DeVos was born in 21st of October, 1955. He is married to Betsy and they are blessed with four children and four grandchildren. He is affiliated with The Windquest Group. In the downtown of Grand Rapids, Dick De Vos is the CEO and the President. He has been the President of The Windquest Group since 2002 to date. He served as CEO of Amway Global in the year between 1993 and 2002. As well, he served as a President and CEO in the years 1991 and 1993, NBA’s Orlando Magic.


Dick DeVos’ personal interest is based on the Orlando Magic Basketball, The Windsquest Group, Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, Alticor, Amway Global, Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan, West Michigan Aviation Academy, Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Spectrum Health, ArtPrize, The Stow Company, Great Lakes Education Project, Northwood University Alumni & Friends, HydrAid BioSand Water Filter, The Heritage Foundation and Michigan Republican Party.


Dick DeVos and his wife they have done much when it comes to charitable contributions that amount to $139 millions in their time. Much of these donations are done through their foundations.


In the year 2015, Dick DeVos donated $ 11.6 million to Dick and Betsy Family Foundation. In this very same year, the family of DeVos gave out $104 million as a charity donation to support Republican politics. This got the family’s philanthropic rating as the 24th in America’s Top Givers ranking.


The life time of the DeVos’ family has given out $1.33 billion to political and charitable organs. This translates to a quarter of the families 5.2 billion fortune. This is because they are blessed with the heart to give, and to the fact in their hometown Michigan that you are valued as to how much you’ve given to the community and not the amount you possess.


In the year 2015, Dick gave out over $3 million to educational charities. This $3million is equivalent to 26% of their donations that year. They gave $357,000 to support educational reforms. Their spending depicts the priority they have given to improve education.


In the year 2013, Compass College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Rapids was given $50,000, a $100,000 Ferris State University In Big Rapids, Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning was given $25,000, $200,000 was given to Dick DeVos alm mater Northwood University in Midland, Potter’s House in Wyoming was blessed with $301,000, $315,000 given to West Michigan Aviation Academy, and a $50,000 was given Rehoboth Christian School by Dick and Betsy.


2013, the DeVos’ contributions are, ‘Compass College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Rapids ($50,000), Ferris State University in Big Rapids ($100,000), Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning ($25,000), Dick DeVos’ alma mater Northwood University in Midland ($200,000), Potter’s House in Wyoming ($301,000), West Michigan Aviation Academy ($315,000), and Rehoboth Christian School, described as “parent controlled” school in New Mexico ($50,000.).’


Sawyer Howitt – Entrepreneur And Project Manager

Sawyer Howitt is a young entrepreneur who understands the essentials in operational and financial needs. He is the Project Manager of Meriwether Group, a financial company that his father owns. He is in the second semester of his senior year of high school and has chosen to focus his efforts on business and finance.

Mr. Howitt constructs highly detailed spreadsheets and presentations for the job, and takes on any task he can whether it be large or small. At a very young age, Sawyer has been involved in many philanthropy businesses and administrative internships. Currently, he has chosen to pursue a career in Entrepreneurial Finance from the University of California. Outside of his job and entrepreneurial endeavors, he loves to fly fish, play racquetball and keep up with cultural music.

Howitt recognizes that many young entrepreneurial’s are living in a world with baby boomers who may see the younger generation (millennial’s) as less productive. Others, at times, see millennial’s as entitled and somewhat lazy. Sawyer Howitt has set out to show them they’re wrong and show the world that he is productive, responsible, effective and professional. In order to make the older generation more aware of the talents hidden within the younger generation, Sawyer has come up with five solutions that can help.

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The first solution is to have the ability to prove your value. He suggests to hold confident in your accomplishments and prove yourself through your work. The second solution is to market yourself as a valuable employee. Contribute to work with confidence and don’t be afraid to be heard. In a larger corporation, this is especially important. The third objective, and most likely the most important, is to be honest. Honesty will get you farther than anything, so be open to learn and take notes. He suggests to not pretend like you know everything but to be open to new opportunities and growth. The fourth piece of advice is to not give up. It’s possible to become shy around people that have been doing the job for many years. His suggestion is keep moving forward and keep pushing through with hard work and dedication. The last objective is to turn your age into an advantage.

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Talk Fusion: Be The Best You

A lot of people talk about being the best version of themselves, but they have extreme difficulty actually living life that way. However, they need to realize that they are worth it. They are worth it and they owe it to themselves to live life the best possible way. That kind of life is not stuck behind a desk in a corporate world that is draining all of the life force out of them. It is a job that makes them happy and puts a smile on their face. Again, people deserve to be happy and they should be happy every day they are on this planet. It is truly a shame to waste a day unhappy or stuck in a rut. Life is far too short for that and before they know it, they will look back and play the “what if?” game, which is not a good game for people to play. Learn more:


With Talk Fusion, the absolute best in talk, voice, data, and chat, they eliminate all sense of “what if?” It becomes “what is next?” They can literally see their company growing before their very eyes and they see it reach more viewers each and every single day they are in business. This is a company that wins awards and they win awards from media giants like the Technology Marketing Corporation ( That is no small potatoes, as this company is looking for products that are improving themselves.


Improvement is paramount over at Talk Fusion. It is their way of life and they don’t know any other way to run a business. With the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award, they have proven what they can do and what they can offer their customers from video emails to video conferences. The video conferences are very popular as they get a lot of people in the room at once and allow them to communicate without any problems, even if they are living in a different country! Learn more:


Talk Fusion will look to get even better in 2017 and that is a big achievement in their company as they have reached a decade. Learn more:


Doe Deere: The Lady Behind Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the CEO and creator of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She was born in Russia, raised in New York City, and is currently based out of Los Angeles.


Her company grew from humble beginnings. In 2004, Doe registered a fashion account on eBay to sell her DIY fashion line. Styling these outfits required bold, colorful makeup which was hard to find. As a result, she began creating her own cosmetics which eventually lead to the launch of Lime Crime in 2008. From the beginning, Lime Crime has focused heavily on e-commerce and was one of the first cosmetic brands to do so.


Lime Crime is a rebellious and exciting brand. The name was adopted after Doe’s favorite color, lime. The shades are bold due to their heavy pigmentation and are designed for optimal self-expression. Unlike brands who focus on concealing imperfections, Lime Crime approaches makeup as a medium for creativity and artistry.


Doe is known for calling her fans “unicorns.” She says the unicorn represents the type of people who wear her product; individuals who are proud to be different, are brave and creative, and who love color.


Doe also adores animals. She donates regularly to an animal rescue called Bide-A -Wee. This love for animals extends to her makeup line as Lime Crime is certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free by PETA and Leaping Bunny.


Since creating her brand, Doe Deere has been named one of the “Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs” by Self-Made magazine. She now supports and mentors other aspiring female entrepreneurs.


As a business woman, Doe believes keeping a positive attitude and trusting her intuition have been the key to her success. Organization is also important, and the first thing she does in the morning is check her daily calendar. She is also passionate about her team and employees. Doe says listening to her employees and customers always teaches her something new. Before she heads to the office for the day, she makes sure she messages her team to get any important information.


Aside from this morning touch-base with her employees, she prefers to check her emails at the office in order to enjoy her morning ritual. Before cosmetics touch her face, she swears by a full night’s sleep and morning hydration. After she is hydrated, she cleanses and moisturizes her skin before starting her makeup routine which is her favorite part of the morning. Depending on the day, it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour for her to get glam. No matter what, she always makes sure to save time in the mornings for creative inspiration and spending time with her cats.

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